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worm composting at home 

Red wiggler composting worms by the pound and half pound, Calgary, Alberta
Red wiggler composting worms, Calgary, Alberta

Eisenia fetida (red wigglers). One pound of worms composts up to a half a pound of food scraps per day, thereby reducing pressure on our landfills. In a healthy, well balanced environment, the worms will rapidly multiply to consume the available food supply within a few months.


Important!!!  These worms will NOT survive in your garden.  They are not like our native nightcrawlers and do not live in soil.  These are meant for a controlled, indoor vermicomposting system, producing castings to be applied to your garden.  


Organic fertilizer, worm castings, Calgary

Worm castings (a.k.a. vermicast) is nature's finest organic fertilizer for your garden or indoor container plants. Earthworm castings are the clean and odourless by-product of your home vermicomposting system, and are an excellent source of safe bio-available nutrients for your plants. Perfect medicine for exhausted garden soil.


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Princess Dirt worm composting and sustainable gardening services, Calgary, Okotoks, Alberta
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Growing your own?

Start your vermicomposting system now for buckets and buckets of castings for your indoor plants. One of the best ways to ensure a bountiful harvest is to use worm castings on the soil.  Easy to produce, bringing much needed microbes to exhausted soil for a truly organic product.

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