Red wiggler worms and vermicompost for application in your garden.  Calgary, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
These flowers are tough to grow in Calgary but compost worm castings are here to help.

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Hello!  My name is Robin Buriak, aka Princess Dirt.  When I moved here to Okotoks with my family from the BC coast two years ago, I discovered vastly different soil, growing conditions, growing seasons. Where we came from, a person can spit on the ground, and a lustrous, shining spit tree will grow. Here? Not so much.

Something needed to be done, and quickly. Not a fan of chemical fertilizers, I decided to corral a couple thousand red wiggler compost worms and harness the scraps flowing from the kitchen where I cook for two growing boys and a great big fireman. Before I knew it, those few thousand worms grew to many, many thousands, and our pantry was overflowing with worms, fuelled by my enthusiasm and garbage. It was time to share the excitement.  And the poop.

These wonderful creatures thrive in a symbiotic relationship with us, devouring our leftovers, reducing pressure on our overflowing landfills, and saving us lots of money in artificial fertilizers and compost.

Maintaining an indoor vermicompost system is a wonderful opportunity to teach our children about sustainable living, and actively participating in the life cycle.

We just can't lose with these guys...