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When earthworms consume organic material in the soil, they digest and expel small pellets called “castings.” These castings are extremely high in nutrients and growth hormones, and therefore serve as a natural fertilizer for plants.


In addition to the nutrients (NPK) found in water-soluble fertilizers, all plants require a range of other nutrients and beneficial bacteria to maintain their good health. In nature, these are delivered by the action of bacteria, fungi, microbes, earthworms, insects and other tiny creatures that process soil minerals into plant food.


Worm castings can replenish all of these nutrients. Containing more than 150 plant vitamins and trace minerals, worm poop also has beneficial enzymes, hormones and bacteria that plants need for healthy growth. Also, the texture of worm castings helps promote good soil aeration and water retention.


Completely Safe –  Worm castings are a natural component of healthy soil. Unlike chemical fertilizers, they will not harm our children, pets, soil, other beneficial compostersand insects, or our ground water.  Truly an environmentally-friendly fertilizer.


Pest Resistance - The stronger and healthier a plant is, the better it is able to fight off an attack of life-sucking pests (ie aphids or spider mites).  Worm castings do not directly affect pest insects and will not harm beneficial insects (ie ladybugs, bees, or lacewings). Castings provide a plant 'strength from within'.

Worm castings are an organic fertilizer which will feed your plants without polluting our groundwater or harming wildlife.
Organic fertilizer loaded with beneficial microbes to feed your plants and heal the soil.
Organic fertilizer loaded with beneficial microbes to feed your plants and heal the soil.
The final product is a fine, black organic fertilizer teeming with beneficial microbes to feed your garden and rejuvenate exhausted soil.

Great piles of worm poop...

Bouncing through the 1/4" screen

Squeezing through the 1/8" screen

Bio-Available Nutrition For Your Plants - Microbes occuring naturally in vermicompost recycle important nutrients into a form your plants can absorb and use.  This is Mother Nature's 'slow-release' organic fertilizer that is immediately effective without the danger of burning delicate roots.


Clean Up Your Dirt - Existing toxins from previous pollution or fertilizers are broken down by beneficial bacterial action in worm castings.  Create better, healthier soil for you and our environment!


Improve Soil Structure and Aeration - Castings create open space for oxygen so a plant's root system can breathe and expand.  The fibrous structure of worm castings allow the soil to drain unnecessary water easily so plant roots do not become water-logged or develop root rot.  The soil's water retention ability is also improved as castings contain absorbent organic matter that stores moisture needed by the roots.

This is a wonderful organic fertilizer that feeds your plants and enriches your soil. It's a beautiful organic lawn fertilizer as well, encouraging strong and healthy roots. Click here for payment and shipping/pick up information.

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Worm castings being sifted through a 1/8" screen.