Red wiggler compost worms provide us with an efficient indoor method of composting.

Worms in the Classroom

Ask me about a school presentation!

I can come to your classroom to share vermicomposting with your students, and set up a complete indoor composting system.


The kids will learn about the nutrient cycle, reducing household food waste, and the benefits of the all-natural fertilizer that is the by-product of keeping worms.  School presentations are a great way to introduce composting in the classroom. My presentations are interactive and engaging, and usually last about an hour.


The fall is a great time to start a classroom bin.  Your bin will be fully functioning, and producing castings by the spring in time for a successful harvest and windowsill planting.  The castings can make for an excellent science unit, especially if microscopes are available.  Looking at cocoons close up is fascinating!


The  presentation package includes a fully functioning bin, a pound of worms, a bag of castings, bedding samples, a slideshow, and printed materials. Contact me for more information.  They just love it, and I am always amazed at the really great questions. Everybody learns!

Vermicomposting classroom presentation.
Composting in the classroom with compost worms.
Vermicomposting classroom presentation.
Compost worms in the classroom in Okotoks and Calgary, Alberta.